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Macro Photography

February 24, 2014

I recently invested in a new camera lens.  It's amazing for portrait photography, but it also let's me play around with macro photography.  I read and follow the blog, I Heart Faces.  There I got inspiration on how to set up a mini macro studio and shoot fruit sitting in carbonated water.    


Using a macro lens allows you to zoom in really close to your subject and focus on one point.  This type of photography is usually done with food, flowers, small things found in nature, etc...For my floral images, I focused either on the center, or one single petal.  With the fruit, I focused on the bubbles.  I think they turned out pretty cool for my first time playing around with it.  


Click here to see the images.  


I also took some lifestyle shots of my daughter the other day playing around with her own camera and can't wait to share them with you too.  

For my next photo sessions this will be one of the lens I use for sure. It's fast and takes really sharp imsges.  I love it and am so glad I invested in it.  



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